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Co-parenting with a Narcissist
October 25, 2021

How To Co-Parent With A Narcissist

In a perfect world, when we divorce, we do so amicably, respectfully and both parents are able to put their differences aside for the sake of the children.  In the real world however, this isn’t always possible.  If you feel like you have divorced or you are in the process of divorcing someone with narcissistic

Child Support
September 9, 2021

Child Support Vs. Section 7’s

Many clients find the concept of child support and extraordinary expenses (commonly referred to as section 7 expenses) confusing, and it’s no surprise.  These can be tricky to understand, so let’s break it down fairly simply for you here and give you a better understanding. What Is Child Support? In Ontario, child support is intended

Separation During Covid
September 9, 2021

Separation During Covid: Why Mediation Works

I have seen so many clients over the past year, who have decided during the pandemic to separate.  Were they in unhappy marriages before the world shut down or did the additional stress, uncertainty and family time push them to the breaking point? It’s different in each family law case, and it doesn’t even matter. 

January 16, 2020

Changing It Up- Parenting Plans When Your Child Has Special Needs

I went through my own divorce when my daughters were very little. When my ex and I separated, our two daughters were just 3 years old and 9 months old. They were babies. Back in the day, I did not know anyone who used a mediator. In fact, I barely knew other people who were

January 9, 2020

What Do We Tell The Kids?

Parents dread hurting their children and relaying to them that your family is changing is one of the hardest parts of separation. Fortunately, there are some useful tips that will make it a little less painful if you impliment them. Try to view the situation from your children’s perspective As silly as we think it

January 9, 2020

Six Mistakes People Commonly Make When Getting Divorced

Getting divorced is stressful. In fact, Divorce can be one of the main stressors in a person’s life. Emotions can overcome even the most stable of people. There are good days and there are bad days, and there are even those days when it feels as if your world is crashing down upon you. It

January 9, 2020

The Family Nest

There is a relatively new trend in post separation residential arrangements called “Bird Nesting” or simply just “Nesting”. Whatever name you choose to call it- they both mean the same thing. Typically; when parents separate, they each move into their own residence, and the children go back and forth to the parent’s home whose parenting