The Role of the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®)

The Role of the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®)


A CDFA® is required to go through an intensive training program to become skilled in analyzing and providing expertise related to the financial issues of divorce. In order to obtain the CDFA® designation; three exams are written, and each must be passed with a minimum of 70%.

 A CDFA® can help parties:
  • Identify the short-term and long-term effects of dividing property.
  • Understand tax implications of settlements
  • Analyze pension and retirement plan issues.
  • Determine if the client can afford the matrimonial home.
  • Evaluate the client’s insurance needs.
  • Provide the client and his/her lawyer with data that shows the financial effect of any given divorce
  • settlement.
  • Provide education pertaining to tax issues that apply to divorce.
  • Possesses background knowledge of the legal issues in divorce.
  • Collect financial and expense data.
  • Help client’s identify their future financial goals.
  • Offer creative financial approaches to settling cases.


My Interest in obtaining this designation:

Money is one of the two biggest stressors in divorce. Parties worry about being able to support their children and themselves.

Growing up I learned about money from my father who was a successful tax lawyer. From our dinner table conversations I learned about capital gains taxes, estates, and so on. Later; when I became a Family Mediator, I realized that many people did not understand finances. The ability to educate clients about the various implications of various settlements arms my clients with the ability to make informed decisions for their families, so that they may thrive moving forward.

$225 per hour